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Campaigning for the candidate. How you can be part of the campaign.

If you can spare some time to help the candidate in the constituency then make yourself known to the candidates manager. He may need a manager so if you are experienced and you think you can do this job full time then please come forward.

If the candidate has not yet engaged one shown in the candidates contact details on this site, then contact the candidate and offer your services.

There are so many ways to help with a few hours or as many days you can spare. You may even work from home on the phones telling the advantages of choosing the Brexit candidate. For this purpose we have an App from the national system called Nationbuilder, which is used on a mobile or laptop with the phone numbers and questions to ask then feed back the information to the app. We have two electronic systems which we did not have in Peterborough Nationbuilder is one the second you will learn about called “P” if you are helping to canvassing (knocking on doors) in teams or even by yourself in areas that are allotted to you by the Mapman. This will also be used for the first time at the street stalls. The Mapman’s job is to ensure targeting of areas for canvassing and leafleting. Do you think you can do this very important job? If so please get in touch and suggest that you think you can do this job.

These two tools have user names with passwords and it is very important to keep them safe otherwise the Headquarters Servers will be compromised. Since you are entrusted with them commit them to memory or if you must write them down embed another password that is not obviously a password like password, Martha or Peterborough. Do not have them on your phone or text them to anyone which will leave them on your phone. You should have Whatsapp on your phone and this is the only way you can transmit as it is encrypted. The same applies with emails do not send them that way either. If you have a laptop with the Windows operating system on do not store them there either. You can store them on Apple Mac or Linux. If you want to have Linux Mint on your computer and have no more virus, or ransomware and go into the fast line. See under I.T Man. How to install Linux Mint alongside Windows. This may seem paranoid but if you see EVIL MAN Last Chapter below you will see what we are up against.

In the headquarters there are many jobs that will help the campaign.

The Mapman is an one organizer who is needed that prints out maps of the areas that need leafleting, or canvassing (knocking on doors) and introducing yourself and making contact with the voters. The Mapman also co-ordinates drivers and a van men to drop off the canvassers and leafleters.

Van Men and Drivers are needed, so fetch your car if you can to ferry leafleters and canvassers. Van Men are needed a people carrier is ideal for larger parties drops and pickups as well as taking and recovering the streets stalls.

In Peterborough Mike Greene hired two vans with his advertisements on these were parked at various spots with heavy traffic to show the flag. They were used also for moving equipment for rallies and placed outside hustings.

Manning a street stall will help and only needs a few hours and you get to meet the voters handing out the Brexiteer newspaper, leaflets, badges, furry animals, car stickers, flags, tea shirts, sometimes cakes, balloons and hats for the kids (and adults too). You get to chat with the voters and find out about their concerns, which you can feedback to help with the policy. If you find people not registered to vote then give them a registration form, or application for a postal vote. The manager will hopefully supply you and the canvassers these forms whether they want to vote for us. Our openness might ensure a vote for us. Street stall members will all wear rosettes and follow the behaviour of the canvassers in dress, eye contact and remembering to smile with the proper posture and not get into the space of the voter. Read canvassing even though you may not actually do this.

If they give you their views and you find they are willing to give you address then it is important you verify their name at that address with “P”. This applies whether they are our supporters or not by putting the four questions required by “P” and add notes if they want other things. Then you ask the other names listed at the address are they of the same opinion so enter those answers for that person. This will avoid a canvasser calling and is the beauty of “P”.

Often they will ask about the party policies and these will be outlined to you to pass on to the candidate and formulate their campaign. The Brexit party policies are really vote winners that is why the Tories pinch our policies and keep saying they will implement them as well.

There is usually more at a street stall than Rachel Warby PPC for South Northhamptonshire pictured, but it just goes to show the dedication of our great Brexit candidates. However, there is no reason for not doing the smaller street stall.

Leafleting is easy and fun. This is the main job and is the easiest, leafleting going out by yourself or in teams to designated areas. This is the most important job and the most time consuming. At least two leaflet drops with different messages will be made. In Peterborough there were five which the Tory candidate rang Mike Greene the night before the election and congratulated him for his upcoming win as the town was snowed with leaflets.

Of course our leaflets will be properly spelt and grammatically correct and hopefully as good as Mike Greene’s in Peterborough and double sided. They will not be cluttered but have four simple points. These are the named candidates one which are standardised for every candidate but with the candidates name on them and the issues for his area. The candidate will send these points up shortly when asked and the quantities he requires will be ordered and delivered from one designated supplier. Other leaflets will be ordered as the campaign advances and hopefully at least five will be made available with only a dedicated leaflet at each drop. These may also be targetted for different areas such as in Peterborough Labour areas had a different leaflet. The national no named candidate leaflets may also be available which do not come from the candidates budget.

Canvassing. This is the most important job and this is where we really pick up our votes. You will see statistics on phone calls and canvassing in “P” This second tool will work wonders for our campaign and must be used by everyone when they talk to someone on the doorstep If It is not recorded in “P” the visit has been wasted the red dot on the house in “P2" will not disappear and another call will be made as if your visit never happened and your time has been wasted. The voter may also be upset with the second visit and may even lose a potential vote. You will recall in notes in “P” things that they want especially help on polling day to get to the poll. Do not leave the address without asking whether the other registered voters are in. It is a judgement call by you asking the voter about the views of the other voters, to see if you can credit them with the four questions to avoid another call to find them in.

The party has asked canvassers to follow rules that set the image of the party. Be smartly dressed wear a rosette which you first point to as you introduce yourself with a welcome message asking the voters name to ensure his views will be noted in “P.” Always smile, do not get into the space of the voter. Make eye contact occasionally looking away. Do not hold a clip board across your body. You must remember the four questions to ask for “P” and enter them in your phone or tablet, after leaving the address. Do not carry mobiles down the path or in your hand when talking with the voter.

If you are a team leader stand outside the gate. Other canvassers can be near the gate but not half way down the path. They can of course be with the lead canvasser at the door step. Hands must be by your side unless using them to emphasize points. It is recommended that canvassers practise first these manners by yourselves, or with others who will express how well you are doing. If you find aggressive people apologise and thank them wishing them a good day as you leave. It is pointless to ask for the other “P” listed voters to be called to the door, so enter for them as well in “P” so that nobody upsets that person again.

You will only find less than 20% of people at home, so note the time of your visit and pick another time to visit. Do not visit after 9pm unless prearranged with them.

If you find new occupants at the premises ask them if they are going to vote and if they are going to register. Offer them a registration paper and if they want a postal vote an application for this as well. Then after leaving enter the named registered voters of that premises as having moved in “P.” If they are later registered then they may be called upon again.

The Accounts Manager is needed to keep track of expenses and donations would you like to do this job? Leaflets without a candidates name come out of the HQ budget and with the candidates name from his budget. Keep track of all donations and expenses. If you know quicken for accounts we can use a free alternative GNU cash which is on Linux so the IT man will explain how you can install Linux Mint alongside Windows. A paper trail and pen and quill can also be used but eventually electronic data has to be made to the Brexit Headquarters when required.

The I. T. People is needed to help with our tools and using social media to promote the candidate. would you like to do this job? Hopefully, you twitter facebook and Instagram any of which can promote the party and the candidate. Including this website to find more supporters that may help for this candidate and all Brexit candidates. If the candidate does not have his manifesto and bio next to his name in the candidate's list, then please help him to send his Bio, photo, and both his and his managers contact details email, phone number and twitter handles if they have one to DM them.

If people are using laptops I hope you will advice them of the great security risk of the links and passwords being used to get into the Brexit Database. There is a simple solution by convincing them to install a faster better and easier operating system that has no ransomware or virus's. This is Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" with the Cinnamon desktop. This has more than 30,000 free programs. You install it alongside Windows and can choose to boot either operating system. Show people the team how to use it and they will really thank you and ask. "Why they do not teach this in schools when the rest of the world use it and we are paying Microsoft billions for Windows in the NHS so anybody can read and edit any bodies medical record even yours."

It is free and can be downloaded from Please choose the Cinnamon desktop easy to use and enormously powerful and can be taught in five minutes. You can download it Linux download

Use Imgburn to make a DVD this is the best so download it and it is free. If you only have a USB boot then make a bootable USB with Bootable USB

You then can just boot with the DVD, or USB you have made from the downloaded linuxmint-19.2-cinnamon-??bit.iso. When the Linux Mint screen appears click on the Install Linux Mint icon, then pop ups appear asking you questions then answer each question. Language English click Continue, Keyboard US move up to UK then click Continue, If you are not connected by an ethernet cable, another pop up is Wireless you can enter yours and this saves it for after installation and puts you in the London time zone, in the next pop up there is a radio button. In the radio button offering the extra WiFi and Music proprietary software click it and then click the Continue button. The next screen says it has found Windows or Multiple Systems and the first radio button is already ticked "Install Linux Mint alongside them" click Continue.

You may choose the second button if you wish "Erase disc and install Linux Mint" This will use the whole disk for Linux Mint and you will be then completely free of any virus, or ransomware attacks and the annoying ads so you will be able to switch off and on immediately without continuous updates slowing your work down. Better still you will no longer be an infectious agent spreading virus to the world. In the final screen you "Enter your User name and password with a choice of booting with that password this is a must. Also tick the encryption option so all your home files will be encrypted. Paranoid maybe but see EVIL MAN Last Chapter.

Finally you click Continue you are then warned that it is the last chance to change your mind as it will write to the hard disc then click on Continue and just let the installer work away and watch the slide show that begins showing the types of the apps that will be installed on the Menu (LM icon on the left of the bottom panel) of the desktop. More than 30,000 other apps can be installed with the software manager which is in the Menu list.

Though you do not actually need it here is a link to this installation procedure but it includes a useful tutorial how to simply set up the desktop in five minutes but you soon can do it in thirty seconds. If you use this site you can see how to obtain a domain name and hosting for a year. It show you how to make and design a site and how to make images for your site. All this with the Linux Mint you are installing with the tools Filezilla and Geany you install with the software manager found in the Menu on the cinnamon desktop.

After you have installed Linux either way follow the desktop customizing Linux instructions

The EVIL MAN Last Chapter This is the reason why we need to be extra safe and not let the Brexit Party down. Remember, Boris has MI5 to help him and he will steal our keys very easily if you let him. I had this customer a week ago and asked me to help him. It seemes he had a tenant asking him for money and had an argument with him. He moved out and he thought that was the end of him. It was not and his life has become a misery. All his phones have been hacked all his laptops no longer work. His bank account has been cleaned out. As usual the police will not do anything for him as he has no evidence. The man lives now two streets away out of WiFi range yet he is still able to do this with WiFi and Bluetooth to his phones. He believes there is a transponder in the house and his neighbour is affected but to a lesser degree. With great difficulty we were able to boot Gparted to erase his disc. It appeared to keep trying to load Windows which of course was his Windows. Eventually we reformatted his whole disc and then there was then no problem in installing Linux Mint 19.2 on the whole disc. Naturally, he did not want to load Windows again as he would be in there as soon as he used this infectious operating system. He was back a week later he had been in again and had thousands of attempts of cracking his firewall the logs showed until finally he managed it. Unfortunately, when he came to the option on installation where it asked whether he wanted a password on switch on he refused and did not choose the option to encrypt his Home folder. I gave him also the most secure system you can have Linux Tails as a fall back in case the man had penetrated again. Tails works live from a DVD or USB and does not install on the hardrive. You save files to a seperate USB when you need to and that USB can be password encoded. Tails has a desktop with the same programs as Linux Mint but uses the Tor browser which is secure and can also browse the dark web. Probably, where this evil man lurks making Bitcoins with his evil ways. I now wait to see if he comes back this Sunday. He has not rang which probably means he still cannot use his phones. Watch this space. Meanwhile another friends two Laptops with Linux Mint and no password for log on have been compromised Her Opera has disappeared and the Firefox says it is blocked by a Firefox firewall. She can not connect to the internet even with an ethernet cable. She is convinced her neighbour who works for MI5 is responsible. I will have to exam the logs on them and see what has happened. Was it MI5? What do you think?