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Thanks to all the brilliant candidates that tried their best to get elected. We all worked hard with you on stalls, leafleting, canvassing with Pericles and the hundreds of other ways to get the Brexit Party candidates elected. Unfortunately, we were all deceived. When the commander in chief does not want to lead his troops into battle we should have realised there was something not right about the parties willingness to get it’s candidates elected.

We were all mesmerised by a leadership of a party that wanted to “Change politics for Good.”

In meetings round the country Brexiteers attended to have the message yet only the Brexiteers who attended had the message and a few policies. Normal parties have Manifestos, Local Party offices and once a year a party conference where the policies can be talked through in a democratic way. Then when it comes to the election they have call centres to get the messages across even to get the vote out on the last day.

The Tory party call centre this time knew full well of the landslide as it was Tory, Tory, Tory an occasional Labour, one Brexit and no Liberal Undemocratic. The election result was what they expected and Nigel’s belief that he aided the Tories was ridiculous and not correct. Labour would have switched to the Tory anyway. The Brexit party actually split the vote and allowed many Labour MP’s back thus reducing Boris’s majority to 80 when he could have had a 100.

The Brexit candidates actually believed that Nigel wanted them to win. Alas this was not the case. Starting with their bio’s of 150 approved words about Brexit and not local issues and their photos were sent in the mistaken belief that The Brexit Party website would actually publish them. Controlling everyone through a common email address he refused them phone numbers. It soon became obvious that the only way to find a candidate was to ring the Party headquarters and ask.

I was outside the Houses Of Parliament most days promoting the Brexit Party with my tea shirt and the Brexit roll up stands handing out the Brexiteer. Then Penelope who rode on the Brexit Bus with Nigel asked me who the candidate for Putney was. Since the party was not helping in anyway in advertising their candidates I started the Brexit Party Candidates Site a search site to show their bios and photos. .

I started this and in September and in October told Richard Tice asking him for the other 320 missing candidates as he and Nigel said they had 620 candidates. I thought he would be pleased with a media site advertising the candidates. He was not pleased he said not to bother as they were doing one. Well as we all know he did no make a listing on the Brexit Party site until 4 days before the election then with only 11 of the favoured with Bios and photos.

I soon learnt that that Nigel and Richard did not appreciate my site telling many that it was a rogue site and that candidates should not put their bio’s and photo’s on it. Later I would receive legal threats that I should stop my site. Naturally, this was ridiculous attempt to limit the freedom of the press media. Tice even screamed down the phone Fraud since I was using the email address . He then kept sending me a penny by Paypal with the message Fraud.

It was clear that an election was coming soon and the candidates needed to be all listed so that voters could read their bio’s and see their photo’s. I repeatedly emailed Nigel and Tice that since they were not going to publish their candidates names even after collecting all their bio’s and photo’s that they send me the information so that at last they would be published. They never did respond and I came to the conclusion that they did not want any of their candidates to win.

So I wrote to Nigel and Tice

Dear Nigel,

Yet another day has gone by and you have not published your candidates site. My site is the only one listing all the Brexit candidates. You have refused my request to put his site up or if he was unwilling to do so give me the data so I can put up the bios and photographs on my site and the Democratic Dashboard.

Almost all candidates are faceless, have no photo, bio, email, twitter, website, home page, Facebook, Instagram on the Dashboard unless I have put them there with of course the exception of Richard Tice which has all the details except his bio.

I guess he must have done this himself so why if he knew about the dashboard not have the party do this for the rest of your candidates leaving me to do it with my limited photos and bios of these new unknown candidates that have appeared from your 500 candidates you had at the secret Emmanuel London venue. Well not so secret since Steve Bray with megaphone was there for an hour. Perhaps he was only paid for that hour as he left at 2pm.


Richard Tice told me 14 weeks ago when you had only 300 candidates that there was no need of my site as the party was going to do a site to list the candidates. It seems you collected photos and 150 word biographies of the candidates that had to be approved by the party. None of this has seen the light of day and your site has not materialized as I look for it every day. I do that to help your candidates and fix the Demographic Dashboard.


All the other parties including the Greens have photos and contact details with some twitter, Facebook. Yours is now the faceless party on the Dashboard. Let us hope the press do not find this out.


Now only three weeks to the election and you do not seem to be helping the media sites. In my case with legal threats and cease and desist emails. I certainly would be happy to go to court over that ridiculous attempt to muzzle the press unlike your paper mine is registered. You are behaving like Donald Trump and picking and choosing which media you will grace with your presence. You certainly have no respect for the media and are unwilling to use the media properly.


My site supports you and is not against you and wants your candidates to win. There was a time you were forecast to take 460 seats but now with the surrender deal of Boris you are polling at 6 per cent and still going down.


It is clear you have had to change your candidates in many seats for completely unknowns and your good candidates, Major General, Entrepreneurs and a Q. C. have disappeared. Then when the candidate for Newcastle East did not file his papers leaving Geordie s really upset that was a real let down. Then not standing against Tories without giving a rider if they were remainers letting these nasties walk back into parliament was really a bad idea. So no candidate against Anna Soubrey and Swinson (with no Tory there) never mind the remainer Tories that destroyed democracy and were brought back by Boris.


Please tell your candidates to send to my site their and hustings (which I also publish with their events) that they have had from you or directly through their email and more importantly their bios and photos so I can at least make an effort to remedy a little and help you have a few more winning candidates. I have had many calls and from voters who say they are unhappy about not knowing anything about the candidates as they are faceless at the moment, some say they would not vote Brexit because of this.


Is it your intention to keep this ridiculous attempt to keep your candidates unknown and unelectable? Let’s hope you see common sense before it is to late.


Keith Schofield


Then 4 days to the election I sent this mail to Nigel

Dear Nigel,

what is the problem with your party. 4 days to go and you have listed the candidates. It is 1530 hrs Sunday and you have only put up Martin Daubney and Tom Bewick. We have all these anyway on my site. What about the others like Leo Grandison that everybody wants a bio and photo of.

Will you have finished by Christmas?

Why do you hate my site so much everybody asks the question and nobody has an answer?

My idea is you only had 500 candidates at Emmanuel. It would have been better to have admitted it than going through this charade.

Now you have a rogue candidate that put a false address on his nomination papers. If they win which they should easily they will have to be arrested. Then a bye election. Here you can stand and maybe win.

All the best,

Keith Schofield


and other sites you love to hate.

It is clear that Nigel did not want his candidates to win and regarded them as cannon fodder. Hi statement that he had helped the Tories win is a shear con trick. Without the Brexit Party candidates Labour supporters would have gone to the Tories in any event. Fielding the candidates only has reduced Boris’s majority to 80 when it could have been over 100 allowing 20 more Labour MP’s to get back their seats.