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Brexit Campaign Headquarters have said, "Once we have a comprehensive list of every candidate allocated to their constituency the Brexit HQ will then publish this information on their website"

At the moment we are the only site to list all the candidates that are registered now for the election.

This is now a list of the 16 Super candidates for whatever reason their papers were entered and accepted, they are now on the ballot papers and the only Brexit candidates fighting against a Tory in their seats.

Battersea Jake Thomas Super candidate.

Bedford Charles Spenser Bunker   Super Candidate.

Bolton South East Mark Cunningham   Super candidate

Brighton Kemptown Graham Cushway   Super Candidate events button click button

Broxtowe Dr Teck Khong #BroxtoweBrexit @DrTeckKhong Brexit Independent candidate   ghustings button events button g info button

Colne Valley Sue Harrison   Super Candidate Stuart Hale @StuartHaleTBP2 events button green info button

Crewe and Nantwich Matthew Wood Confirned Super candidate Matthew Peter Wood events button

Croydon Central Peter Sonnex Super Candidate

Eastbourne Stephen Gander   Super candidate. events button

Ipswich Nicola Jane Thomas   Super candidate @NTBrexitParty ‏ events button

Oxford West and Abingdon Allison Wild   Super candidate. Candidate changed from Joseph Sullivan events button click button

Plymouth Sutton and Davenport Ann Widdecombe   Super candidate. events button click button

Portsmouth South John Kennedy a Super Candidate

Stockport Lee Thomas Montague-Trenchard   Super candidate

Stockton South John Prescott   Super candidate @JohnPrescottTBP ‏ ‏ events button

Stroud Desi Latimer   Super candidate Lourdesiree 'Desi' Latimer @brexit_Latimer ‏ events button

Tunbridge Wells Christopher Pendleton   Super candidate. Greg Clark will now be standing again as a Tory ‏he has been resurrected again by Boris events button click button

Twickenham Stuart John Wells   Super candidate.

Warwick and Leamington Tim Griffiths   Super Candidate. Changed candidate from Bob Dhillon @BobDhillon32 has stood down ‏ events button

Weaver Vale Nicholas Goulding   Super Candidate changed candidate from Shaun Hopkins ‏ events button

Updated 12:08 18th Nov