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Brexit Party Candidate for Wrexham Ian Jonathan Berkeley-Hurst

Ian Jonathan Berkeley-Hurst

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Boris's deal is a complete surrender which splits the UK and ties us for years still to the EU. It is a capitulation only a nation losing in war would be forced to sign. Hidden in the small print is indemnifying the Euro which could be a half a Trillion pounds. Boris said May's deal was vassalage this is still May's deal and is even worse.

We lose fisheries, security, our foreign office controlled by the EU, and trade deals have to be the same as the EU's under the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Even free movement continues under yet another name. This deal is worse than May's deal and we still have to pay them £39 billion and then more each year.

This is not acceptable in any form and the only deal is No Deal which is set out in article 50 and cannot be changed by our parliament. It is clear no deal would ever be acceptable to the EU or ourselves. Only the Brexit party is fit to honour the referendum result and will honour your vote.

Wrexham is a 57.5% Leave area and is very winnable.

In the last parliamentary election the winner was Ian Lucas a Labour Hold (5.2% majority) Turnout 70.4% (Total electorate: 49881)

The results were

Ian Lucas LAB 17,153 48.9% +11.7
Andrew Atkinson CON 15,321 43.7% +12.0
Carrie Harper PLA 1,753 5.0% -2.6
Carole O'Toole LIB 865 2.5% -2.8
Last four MPs
2017 Ian Lucas LABOUR
2015 Ian Lucas LABOUR
2010 Ian Lucas LABOUR

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