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Paul Lomas Brexit Party Candidate for Sefton

Paul Lomas

Paul Lomas

After an 8 year career in Banking in Finance, Paul founded his first IT business which employed 12 full time staff within its first 12 months of operations and facilitated the creation of the category Internet Services in the UK Yellow Pages.

During a 19 year career in business Paul has worked with thousands of businesses around the world helping them generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new business.

In 2016, Paul founded Stonker, a mobile business card App, which empowers people to make thousands of connections at networking events quickly and easily using their mobile phone.

Paul enjoys property development and holds an QBSA site supervisors licence. In addition Paul graduated from John Moores University in Post 16 Education and Filton Technical College with an HND in Banking and Finance.

After leaving school and working initially in retail and then for 8
years in banking, I decided to travel throughout South East Asia and
Australia for 2 years, returning to the UK in 1993 with a goal of
starting my own business, a goal I had harbored since starting my
first business selling golf balls on my local golf course aged 10. I
felt that as a business owner I would have the freedom to make my own
decisions and I could take responsibility for their outcomes. 

Before I went travelling I remember the signing of the Mastrict Treaty without the British people having a say. I also remember the lead up to the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, again without the British people having a say. The political correctness of the Blair years and the systematic sale of British industry and our utilities to foreign corporations and the increasing power of the European Court of Justice over the British legal system made living in the UK increasingly frustrating for me and as such I decided to apply to emigrate to Australia.

I vowed never to return to live in the UK unless we voted to leave the EU. You can imagine how surprised I was when the David Cameron agreed to an in out EU referendum. After the momentous result, I started planning my return to the UK finally doing so in 2019. Over the 3 year Brexit process one thing that has struck me is the fact that many of the current crop of our politicians would be unemployable outside of politics and many of them show show contempt for the general public and each other. My perception is that they will do and say anything to obtain power. In the words of Margaret Thatcher, "Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides." and by trying to keep everyone happy, Mrs May has triumphed in negotiating an awesome deal for the EU.

She was offered a free trade deal and she turned it down and by trying to keep everyone happy she has failed spectacularly. Her deal will result in the UK remaining in the customs union and single market and paying into the EU coffers for years without a voice, veto or vote. It also leaves the UK exposed to future EU liabilities whilst at the same agreeing to relinquish its EU assets and pay £39 billion for the privilege.

The inability of many politicians to do their jobs properly has exposed the UK to a situation where the only way we will be able to leave will be with a clean break brexit. It is clear the the EU do not want us to leave. They expect that given enough we will change our mind and decide to remain. I never planned on getting involved in politics but feel that given the circumstances I have no choice.

Someone has to stand up and help deliver Brexit as the current crop of career politicians have shown themselves again and again as being incapable of doing so. This is why I have decided to stand as a Brexit Party PPC and I will work collaboratively with anyone who can help deliver the will of the people.

Sefton is a 55.91% remain area and is very winnable.

In the last parliamentary election the winner was Bill Esterson a Labour Hold (30.0% majority) Turnout 75.5% (Total electorate: 69019)

The results were

Bill Esterson LAB 32,830 63.0% +9.3
Jade Marsden CON 17,212 33.0% +3.4
Daniel Lewis LIB 1,381 2.7% -1.6
Mike Carter GRE 656 1.3% -1.2

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Entered the House of Commons on 6 May 2010 — General election

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Name of donor: George Maloney
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Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,500

Donor status: individual

(Registered 07 May 2019)

Name of donor: Jayne Moores
Address of donor: private

Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £10,000

Donor status: individual

(Registered 07 May 2019)

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Name of donor: Jayne Moores
Address of donor: private

Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 to Bill Esterson Campaigns Ltd

Date received: 1 May 2019

Date accepted: 1 May 2019

Donor status: individual

(Registered 07 May 2019)

4. Visits outside the UK

Name of donor: Hitachi Bombardier High Speed JV
Address of donor: Hitachi Rail Italy, Via Ciliegiole, 110/b, 51100 Pistoia 
PT, Italy

Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Flights £256; train tickets £132; accommodation £496; transfers £75; catering £90; total £1,049

Destination of visit: Italy

Dates of visit: 13-14 June 2019

Purpose of visit: Industry visit to discuss possible options for new UK trains.

(Registered 02 July 2019)

6. Land and property portfolio: (i) value over £100,000 and/or (ii) giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

Flat in Brompton, Kent: (i). (Updated 27 April 2018)

7. (i) Shareholdings: over 15% of issued share capital

From 26 September 2016, director and sole shareholder of Bill Esterson Campaigns Ltd. (Registered 14 October 2016)

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