Munish Sharma Brexit Party Candidate for Ilford South

Munish Sharma


I am really excited at the prospect of representing Ilford South, which is the place where I went to school, where I grew up and where I still live. I entered politics because of my frustration with politicians from all parties failing to govern the country properly, failing to act in accordance with the democratically expressed wishes of the people they claim to represent and, perhaps worst of all, failing even to act in accordance with the manifestos on which they were elected.

The Brexit Party was formed to not only restore trust in the democratic process but also to bring together ordinary but talented and diverse people from outside of politics to bring back trust in the political system and reconnect the Government to the people is represents. Politicians must truly act as trustees of the people they represent and be the guardians of their views on the national stage and, as someone who has grown up and lived in Goodmayes/Seven Kings for most of my life, I believe I can do this for Ilford South.

With that in mind I encourage constituents and businesses based in Ilford South and surrounding areas to get in touch with me at to share their views and concerns. I will do my best to respond and engage in further discussions about how we can improve our lives and the community in Ilford South as well as more broadly on a national level. We need new people in politics who listen to their constituents and can be trusted.

My site with more details can be found at Bromley candidate

Ilford South is a 56.69% remain area and is very winnable.

In the last parliamentary election the winner was Mike Gapes Labour Hold (54.9% majority) Turnout 69.9% (Total electorate: 82487)

The results were

Mike Gapes LAB 43,724 75.8% +11.8
Chris Chapman CON 12,077 20.9% -5.0
Farid Ahmed LIB 772 1.3% -0.6
RoseMary Warrington GRE 542 0.9% -2.0
Tariq Saeed UKI 477 0.8% -4.4
Oth OTH 65 0.1%

Mike Gapes's voting record.

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