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 Helena Windsor

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THE CONSERVATIVES are not conservative! In the last ten years they opened our borders to almost 6 million people and cranked up the National Debt to £1.8 trillion. Boris won’t deliver the Brexit we voted for; watch what happens! Our last Tory MP, Sam Gyimah, avoided debate on new housing estates, cynically calling them ‘Garden Communities’ - who believes that eyewash?

THE LIBDEMS are not democratic, they are the referendum 'bad losers' party, few have any idea what the EU is really all about. And then there is the 'free stuff' socialist LABOUR party. They couldn’t run a bath, never mind Britain.

I HAVE LIVED IN SURREY SINCE 1983, I was a County Councillor for Godstone for four years and have always been a passionate defender of the Green Belt. None of the other 'big three' candidates lives locally. Read on...

Helena Windsor runs Surrey based Mycoplasma Experience Ltd, a specialist microbiology laboratory, now located at the Brewer Street Dairy Business Park in Bletchingley, which she established with her husband, David, in 1988. She has lived in Tandridge since joining her husband in Tatsfield in the early 1980s and they have lived in Bletchingley since 1987.

Helena became increasingly concerned at the direction the EU was heading at the time of the Maastricht Treaty and, after supporting the Referendum Party in 1997, joined the UK Independence Party in 1999. Helena served as County Councillor for Godstone Division from 2013 until May 4th 2017, where she was able to use her background in biomedical sciences on the Wellbeing and Health Scrutiny Board and on the Council of Governors at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare, as Surrey County Council’s representative.

Helena also served a term of office on the Educational Governing Body of Young Epilepsy at St Piers, Lingfield.

Helena is a member of the Campaign for Protection of Rural England and the Woodland Trust. She is committed to the protection of our Metropolitan Greenbelt.



East Surrey is a 54.2% Leave area and is very winnable.

In the last parliamentary election the winner was Sam Gyimah a Conservative Hold Turnout 72.2%

The results were

Sam Gyimah CON 35,310 59.6% +2.2
Hitesh Tailor LAB 11,396 19.2% +7.4
David Lee LIB 6,197 10.5% +1.2
Oth OTH 2,973 5.0%
Helena Windsor UKI 2,227 3.8% -13.3
Benedict Southworth GRE 1,100 1.9% -2.0
Last four MPs
2017 Sam Gyimah CONSERVATIVE
2015 Sam Gyimah CONSERVATIVE
2010 Sam Gyimah CONSERVATIVE

Sam Gyimah's voting record.

Sam Gyimah is one of the nastiest Tory's one of the 21 that brought down the government and helped precipitate this election Boris restored the whip and he is attempting to sit again. Do not let him vote for Helena Windsor a great Brexiteer.

A selection of Sam Gyimah's votes

See full list of topics voted on

Voted a mixture of for and against removing hereditary peers from the House of LordsShow votes1 vote for, 1 vote against, 1 absence, between 2011–2016

  • Generally voted against a more proportional system for electing MPsShow votes1 vote for, 1 vote against, 2 absences, between 2010–2016

  • Almost always voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disabilityShow votes0 votes for, 11 votes against, 4 absences, between 2011–2016

  • Almost always voted for an equal number of electors per parliamentary constituencyShow votes10 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2010–2016

  • Consistently voted for greater restrictions on campaigning by third parties, such as charities, during electionsShow votes11 votes for, 0 votes against, between 2013–2016

  • Consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with pricesShow votes0 votes for, 5 votes against, in 2013

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