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Brexit Party Candidate for Bedford Charles Spenser Bunker

Charles Spenser Bunker

Charles Spenser Bunker

Charles went to school in Bedford as his father did before him. He has had clients in the town for over 30 years and living just over 15 miles away he has kept in constant touch.

As a former non-executive director of an NHS Trust Hospital, which has come to his rescue more than once in recent years, Charles is passionate about our NHS.

Charles is a former Chairman of the Board of Governors of both the European Business School and Regent’s College, educational institutions now known as Regent’s University in Regent’s Park. He was intimately involved in saving them from bankruptcy and putting them on their path to success. This has given him a lifelong interest in tertiary education.

Charles is a Chartered Accountant. After a successful career in international corporate finance, and change management, during which he advised businesses from small technology start-ups to large multi-national corporations, he is now the proprietor of the famous Orchard Tea Rooms in Grantchester. It is a job which makes him acutely aware of the never-ending problems of running a small business, and of the family issues of those who work within them.

As a man who had children when he was still in training, Charles knows what it is like to worry about the cost of a new pair of children’s shoes or to go without a tree at Christmas. He acknowledges his luck in having a very supportive family who helped him through these tough times. It has made him acutely aware of the needs of children in care, and of those who have been borne in circumstances where they don’t have family support.

Charles has a keen interest in public policy.

He was originally an enthusiastic supporter of the European Union, until he sought to change the law to stop the hidden charge of VAT on education. It was then that his eyes were opened to the bureaucratic and undemocratic nature of the EU.

In March 2016, prior to the Referendum, Charles wrote a series of essays in which he sought to determine, in his own mind, whether to vote Remain or Leave. It was after this careful analysis that Charles concluded that the UK’s best interests were served away from the European Union. These essays, first published online in April 2016 can be downloaded by clicking on

During the referendum campaign Charles posted two videos on YouTube in response to the leaflet the government delivered through everyone’s front door. These can be seen at: and

Charles has written papers calling for a Royal Commission for Responsible Capitalism to be established. Click on and arguing that tax relief should be denied on excessive directors’ remuneration. Click on

Charles is not a ‘green campaigner’. He is a ‘green doer’. He has been involved in projects involving hydro-electric power stations in Peru, an energy project in Canada, tidal lagoon, solar farm and waste recycling projects in England, and a large forestry project in Ghana. Further, he has written demanding the mandatory valuation of farming soil so that the costs associated with soil degradation can be measured, as it is only with measurement can the problem be managed.

Twitter: @CharlesBunker

Facebook: BedfordBrexitParty



Bedford is a 51.95% Leave area and is very winnable.

In the last parliamentary election the winner was Mohammad Yasin a Labour Gain (1.6% majority) Turnout 67.5% (Total electorate: 71829)

The results were

Mohammad Yasin LAB 22,712 46.8% +6.6
Richard Fuller CON 21,923 45.2% +2.6
Henry Vann LIB 2,837 5.9% +1.6
Lucy Bywater GRE 1,008 2.1% -1.0
Last four MPs
2017 Mohammad Yasin LABOUR
2015 Richard Fuller CONSERVATIVE
2010 Richard Fuller CONSERVATIVE

Mohammad Yasin's voting record.

A selection of Mohammad Yasin's votes

See full list of topics voted on

Generally voted for more EU integrationShow votes39 votes for, 4 votes against, 9 absences, between 2017–2019

  • Consistently voted against reducing central government funding of local governmentShow votes0 votes for, 2 votes against, between 2018–2019

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