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Candidates Hustings


This is the preferred Taxi service for the candidate to help voters to the polls or just any other service that is needed.

Hustings on 28th November, 6.30-8.00pm in Battersea, London Borough of Wandsworth. Everybody welcome. Please contact your candidate and offer your services.

We are waiting for more events for this Brexit candidate

We might not have reached out to this candidate to find out what he is doing so we need anyone to send us what is happening locally for the promotion of the candidate and the Brexit party. We need to know about Street stalls, meetings, leafleting, canvassing, rallies even any events that promote the Brexit party and the candidate and hopefully very soon more hustings.

If you are helping the candidate, or managing the candidate or you are the candidate yourself let us know so we can turn this red icon green to show activity in your area.

Contact Jake Thomas by email at @ button