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Alyn and Deeside: Seat, Ward and Prediction Details

These are the projected results as at the 11th of December. The final results will be published here on Friday the Thirteenth.


Well for a party that has no Manifesto and did not have a party conference to get the message across Then had on1y 11 candidates with bio's and photos only published on their site 4 days before the election. Spent it's time trying to ensure the only site publishing their candidates did not allow it's candidates their publicity.

The reason was clear that this site showed all the candidates it actually had and not the 620 they repeatedly said they had. Finally they said they had 500. Not enough for every seat so the order went out do not stand in a Tory seat. This order was three days before nominations closed on the 14th of November. Twenty "Super" candidates ignored the order and put their papers in and paid themselves the £500 fee. Then of course the Party General refused to lead the battle saying he was to busy. I note Boris, Jeremy, Swimlips and some other nobodies found the time and lead their troops into the battle notwithstanding things being thrown at them.

Now we see the results and have Zero Brexit MP's holding Boris's surrender deal to the EU fire.

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