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Help your Brexit candidate to win. He may need a campaign manager do you think you can do the job?

If he has one then contact him if he does not have one then you can help in many other ways to get involved. Organizing helping with IT or just tweeting writing to the local papers and helping in any way to get the media to notice a Brexit candidate is going to win this seat.

You can help on street stalls, delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. You may organize the leaflet drops to ensure the team gets as many out as possible without duplication unless it is a fresh leaflet.

If you have a car or a van you can help move materials and footsoldiers to the street stalls and the drop of the leafleters and hopefully pick them up. Usually it is easier for them to return by bus if they have a good service in your area.

Organizing the rallies if you get some speakers that are willing to come and even finding suitable venues as well. Then advertising that rally.

Going round with an advertising template and pressure washing the pavement leaving a good pointer to the polling booth for example. The template may just have the Brexit Logo or be combined with the candidates name.

Choose where there is a good footfall like railway and bus stations and bus stops. We can supply these templates in three days. Give us a call to arrange these.

Even making tea and coffee is all appreciated.