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If your candidate does not have a Bio by his name he probably would appreciate some help. If you have some IT skills or want to learn how to make a website then this could be your chance to learn and help the candidate, or anyone that may know how we can contact him.

We do not know about a candidate who is not listed here. Then please contact us and them. If you know who he is then contact them and tell him about this site to help him. We would like any contact details for him or his manager.

If you know a candidate who is not listed let us know is name and constituency and how we can reach them as well

He might not have a a Bio by his name so you can help make him one. Maybe make his Bio website site for him or use one that we have prepared to create and list for him so every site visitor can link to.

    There are two ways to help.

You could make them a website only costs £4.50 and £17.50 a year for hosting it. You can do this from the tutorial at just click on the red domain and hosting square to see how easy it is.

Then secondly, obtain the code for his Bio and fill in the details like their Bio or a pointer to their Bio. Then their managers name and contact details and the candidates contact details then when you have done this just email us with the completed code so we can add it next to their name.

You will also be shown where to get the Leave percentage at the referendum result and the last parlamentary election to add the votes of the last elections parlamentary and the referendum percentages to add to the Bio. This will show why voters have to vote for the Brexit candidate. Usually the incumbent's voting record will show so everyone can see how they voted on issues and call them to account if they are trying to pretend they are fair and why voters should vote for them. This will be used in the candidates flyers if an advantage can be made from it. All these snippets should go in the Bio and naturally anything the candidate can contribute as well.

Email us so we can show how you can find the code on this site. Let us know who it is for so we are not duplicating it. Fill in what details and the Bio you have and then return it.

When we have added it please check it with a laptop or desktop browser and a mobile to see it works correctly. Our site behaves differently on the device used to see our pages especially on contact pages. Please report any problems that occurs to us so we can remedy them.

You may have other ideas and help us more directly or even help other candidates who might be short on your expertise as well.

You may also learn a tool that we are using for assisting targetting leafleting and other helpful tools that we can advice on and you then assist some of the candidates team to use these tools.You must advise everyone the importance of not having the password on their phones and commit them to memory.

Please check out the information of being a good I.T. man in the Wanted section and you will see that paranoia should be the watch word and help installing Linux Mint on those unfortunates who have Windows on their laptops, when they can dual boot with Linux Mint and be three times faster with 30,000 free programs. Eventually, if the Brexit Party and hopefully their policy when they are elected this will be taught in schools saving the country billions of pounds for the schools and the NHS. Finally we can then catch up with the world and stop the infections due solely due to Windows as the infectious agent it always has been.

We have obtained an exclusive for Brexit Candidates and helpers. When walking round with Pericles it really helps to have a big screen ideally a large mobile phone or a mobile phone tablet. We have found the world's largest mobile phone with dual sims with a 10.1" screen ideal for this work. You then can have two phone numbers. An extra sim is provided which for £10 gives you 6GB of data and unlimited phones and text with a £5 credit when activated for the first time.

This is ideal working with Pericles by easily seeing all the red dots of the houses near you which then tells you the name of the voters that have not yet been visited. After you have asked your questions and entered it in your phone the red dot disappears. When you have finished all the red dots you can go on to the next location. This is a mobile phone tablet is the best you can get at this price it is brand new Tagital Tablet Mobile Phone. It also has WiFi and bluetooth. It will cost Brexiteers £90 including postage.

If any one wants one then you can tell them where to get it and give them the discount code for them to save £65. There is also a 360 degree wallet available for it in Red, Pink, Blue and Black for another £10.

You can show them around the Websites Store to the Brexit department and find the goods and help entering the address, card details and the discount code. If they need your help with this.

When they have received their Mobiles and card you can help them set Pericles up on them. If they have not already done so show them how to activate their sim and choose a goodybag £10 for 6GB data or £20 for 40GB or £25 unlimited data all goodybags have unlimited phone and text messages. A credit of £5 is added when activated. Usually 6GB should take you over the general election so you can hopefully ring everybody to say our candidates have won in their areas and hopefully your candidate too.