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If you are looking for a candidate that is not listed then look in Missing. Click Here


We add your name here as soon as we have heard you are standing. Then please if you know of a candidate that is not already listed here please let us know his name and constituency with phone or email if you know it.

Then we can add them and your Info page which helps find them and you. Then supporters will come to you and organize your headquarters. You need a manager if you do not already have one to help and we can find one for you.

Then also you will find other help with leafleting and knocking on doors, probably saying "A vote for a Tory and get Corbyn." No doubt the Tories will be again saying "Vote Brexit get Corbyn" In Peterborough that is exactly what the Tories were saying. The Tories did get an extra 3000 votes than forecast and so Peterborough got Crobyn's anti-Semite candidate. Apart from the outrageous postal voting fraud there. They are sure to try that again. No doubt the Liberal Dumocretins will also be putting their slimy hands in the letterboxes to remove other parties literature, as they are often caught doing.

If you know of other Brexit candidates that we have not listed on this site please let us know their name and constituency. Then let them know about this site and give us their contact details if you can. Please use your media, or tell friends to spread the word about this site so we can find all the candidates that have not yet been announced, as well as getting the help our candidates will want.

The Brexit Party has new powerful tools that we did not have at Peterborough. These will be sent to you from the party. If you have not received them please ask your Brexit party contact. The first tool we have tested and is really good. It helps on door knocking and involves carrying a mobile or tablet. We suggest the bigger the better held by one of the group direct the team. I found the Huawei Brexit V8+ phone ideal with it's 6.1" screen ideal costs £50 to party members and it is better than the iPhone 6S. Even better is the Samsung Tab A 10.1" screen at £155. Both are supplied with a free super sim card which works on the O2 network.

We have obtained an exclusive for Brexit Candidates and helpers. When walking round with Pericles it really helps to have a big screen ideally a large mobile phone or a mobile phone tablet. We have found the world's largest mobile phone with dual sims with a 10.1" screen ideal for this work. You then can have two phone numbers. An extra sim is provided which for £10 gives you 6GB of data and unlimited phones and text with a £5 credit when activated for the first time.

This is ideal working with Pericles by easily seeing all the red dots of the houses near you which then tells you the name of the voters that have not yet been visited. After you have asked your questions and entered it in your phone the red dot disappears. When you have finished all the red dots you can go on to the next location. This is a mobile phone tablet is the best you can get at this price it is brand new Tagital Tablet Mobile Phone. It also has WiFi and bluetooth. It will cost Brexiteers £90 including postage. Ask your I.T. Man where to get it and obtain the discount code so you save £65. There is also a 360 degree wallet available for it in Red, Pink, Blue and Black for another £10.

Would like more manifestos from the candidates. Some have set up their own websites and your I.T. Man should be able to help you. We use a standard one that Epping uses. Or you can make your own like Oliver Mather PPC for Bromley has done. Here is Oliver Mather linked to his website from his Manifesto shown on the Tagital tablet.

Bromley Oliver Mather

With the new tools a question of security has arisen for yourself and the Brexit HQ databases if anyone is using Laptops with the Windows operating system. If you have Mac or Linux there is no problem. If you wish to use your laptop which has Windows on it and if want to be more secure then please email us and we will advise. Mobile phones are not effected.

So get in touch with us my email, or phone to get the Brexit candidates all the help they need in this battle. The candidates will then have footsoldiers and advice that our team of Brexiteers can add.